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Brynn & Andrew Tie the Knot


Photographing them, talking about them, pinning about them, and dancing at them, plus an open bar never scared me away... but today we're talking about Brynn and Andrew, and their beautiful July wedding in Muskegon, MI.

I met Brynn at a friends wedding that I photographed a few years ago. Last year she contacted me and told me she had recently gotten engagement and was interested in me photographing their special day. Every time someone asks me to capture their once in a lifetime moments I am equally as overwhelmed with excitement as the last.  

July 9th, 2016 Frauenthal Theatre, Muskegon, MI

July 9th, 2016 Frauenthal Theatre, Muskegon, MI

I arrived in Muskegon around 9:30am. I had a half an hour to scout locations before Brynn started hair and makeup. She planned on going to the beach for some formal shots, but I wanted to be prepared with a few other locations. As always, there was some cool brick walls and alleys. I found a small garden that I feel in love with and a made it a point to take the group there.

Brynn was so prepared for me. When I arrived she had every detail ready. She had the rings, her shoes, her dress, and all her jewelry ready for detail shots. She seemed so relaxed while getting her hair and makeup done.  None of her bridesmaids had seen her dress; she was adamant about keeping it a surprise for everyone. Her mom helped me take the dress to the theatre for some solo shots. The lighting was a challenge as expected, but I just bounced my flash off the ceiling which gave me the perfect amount of extra light.

Andrew and the guys were getting ready in the dressing room next door. I grabbed a few detail shots of them slowly getting ready and drinking a few beers. None of them were camera shy! Sometimes grooms take a little opening up to a camera in their face but Andrew was ready the minute I walked in.

Time for Brynn to get into her dress. I brought all of her bridesmaids upstairs to the gallery for their first look at Brynn's beautiful, lacey, mermaid, dress. It was such a great moment, I wish more brides did this! Click images to scroll through the first look.

The ceremony was held in the banquet hall upstairs. Brynn had the room beautifully decorated. The west end of the room had big windows, but the sun was so bright the curtains had to be closed cutting off my natural light.  I'm not a fan of flashes during a ceremony.  I'm supposed to be a fly on the wall for this part of the day. I ask the master of ceremonies if he opposed me using a flash for a few shots.  After getting his blessing, I alternated from my flash to natural light trying to be as discrete as possible.

After Brynn and Andrew got married it was time to board the trolly! As a photographer I love when the bride and groom get a trolly or party bus versus a limo.  It may seem less glamorous, but sitting on top of each other in a hot, dark, stuffy limo is a lot less cooler than it looks. Plus, you get way better pictures because of all the extra light! I'm all about the light!  We rode to the beach and got some beautiful, sandy, shots then headed back towards downtown Muskegon.  We stopped in the small garden I scoped out earlier for some more formal pictures and after a quick hour and a half, it was time for dinner.

During the reception I always like to steal the bride and groom for some shots of just the two of them.  It can be difficult to take them away from their party, but I feel like in the long run it's worth it.  A lot of a couple's wedding day is spent apart or greeting guests, that they never get a moment just to themselves.  This gives them a chance to stop and reflect on their amazing day, and get a few more memories to look back on.  We made it out just as the sun was setting and the lights on the theatre were coming on.  They had a few poses and ideas prepped for this moment so we collaborated and created some images that really reflect them as a couple.  It was such a beautiful wedding. Beautiful location, beautiful weather, and a beautiful couple!

Now go check out the photographs! ;)